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Customers have a choice when choosing to work with someone in your area. Let’s help you be their first choice!

Why Hire Professionals to Manage Your Google Listing?

It’s critical to ensure your GMB listing is set up correctly, optimized, and updated on a regular basis. To stay ahead of your competition, you want to take advantage of Google’s ever changing tools and features. We can help you keep up with all the latest products and services so you can focus on growing your business. Our team of local seo experts specialize in making sure you are found first online.

Track Customer Engagement & Measure Success!

Our Lead Dashboard takes the extra step to showcase website clicks, requests for directions, total reviews, and phone calls to your business. Searches and views are an important part of measuring the impact of your marketing efforts. Google My Business offers a seamless way for customers to contact you directly from the search page. With Relevant you’ll also have an all in one dashboard where you can track and respond to customer engagement via Google My Business.

Google My Business Messaging

Download and install Google’s My Business app on your mobile device and enable messaging to unlock amazing features like ‘Request a Quote’. Customers can directly fill out forms via the search engine results page. A notification will prompt you to check your app and respond to the customers instant request for service. Make it easier for customers to get the answers and service they need with Google’s ‘Request a Quote’ feature.

One Dashboard To Manage All Your Important Reviews

We live in a time where customers are heavily influenced by reviews and customer ratings.

  • Google Reviews are an excellent way to earn the trust and respect of new and existing customers that are shopping for a service near you.
  • Respond via Q&A or directly to your savvy customers by activating Google’s direct messaging service.
  • Accurately measure ROI by utilizing Relevant Tiny URL, which helps boost reviews and call tracking to gauge performance.

Amplify Your Visibility with Google My Business

Setting up your listing correctly is just a small part of the process. When it comes to ensuring your business is at the top of Google’s search engine results page, Google My Business help tie it all together. By syncing local information into your Google account, we’re able to localize your advertising efforts. 

Earn the top ranking on search results with our full suite of services:

  • Accurate & Optimized Business Information and Listings
  • Optimized Map Visibility and Directions
  • Photo Optimization to Maximize Engagement
  • Weekly Posts | Events | Offer Submission Tools to Increase Visibility

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