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What we do

At Relevant we simply connect prospects to qualified businesses.  As a digital marketing agency for over 15 years, our methods of local SEO optimization are tried and true, our operational strategies of continuous perfection is embedded in our culture, the elements are brought together with our staff that make it worthwhile to do everyday.

What We Do

We simply enable relevant home service businesses to obtain leads online.  We design a unique combination of several local marketing technologies, partnerships that make it easy for consumers to directly connect to the right business.  Our passion is delivering world-class digital marketing solutions to meet your a businesses unique needs and are dedicated to helping our clients build their brand, increase conversions and grow their business.

You won’t find any one-size-fits-all strategies here. We craft custom websites for each client, with a unique marketing blueprints with a singular mission: to qualify and obtain relevant leads.

Who We Are

At Relevant we broadly vary in background, skills, heritage, but we all stand for the same mission. Most of our staff is tenured and has served in several roles. We are lean, with staff both in our corporate headquarters as well as in distributed home offices. Employees perform well in their own role and are encouraged to explore avenues in which we can better perform.

Who we work with

We exclusively work with well qualified businesses in the home service industries. Well qualified? Sure, sounds cheesy, but we know that there are characteristics of businesses and business owners that match well with our team. It’s not about size (we work with small and large companies), location (we work nationwide), culture (we work and speak in many languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese among others), age or any single measure.

The companies we work with are good at what they do, deeply attentive to their customers, are committed to getting the job done, willing to put in hard work and aim for long term success. We recognize that not every relationship is perfect, but we are dedicated to the businesses that we work with which is why we provide exclusivity so that our entire team knows the singular focus.

If you believe Relevant may be a good fit for you; please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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